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Hacky Sack

Like many other skill toys, footbags have ancient roots. Their history dates back to ancient China. Footbags were repopularized in 1972 by John Stalberger and Mike Marshall. Stalberger was recovering from knee surgery and was looking for a fun way to excercise his legs. His friend Marshall made a footbag and they started hacking. Their efforts to kick the bag around soon developed into a game, the object of which is to keep the sack from hitting the ground without touching the sack with your hands or arms. The game can be played solitare or in groups in which the sack is passed around. Seeing the potential of the game they coined the term Hacky Sack. The brand was later sold to Kransco, which operated under the Wham-O name.
The sack is very much like a bean bag. It is soft so that when it is kicked it will not go very far. People have created many different kicks and tricks that you can do with the sack. One of these is to catch the sack on the back of your knee, turn around, and extend your leg straight backward to launch the bag into the air..

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