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Long before Harry Potter, there were adventure stories aimed at kids. One of the most famous series of this type was The Hardy Boys. The books tell the story of two amatuer gumshoes, the Hardy brothers, and their adventures solving all sorts of mysteries. More than 50 Hardy Boys adventures were published from 1927 through 1979 under the name Franklin W. Dixon. In actuality many different authors wrote the books.

After the initial series of books, several other Hardy Boys series were created. These included The Clues Brothers, Hardy Boys casefiles, The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers, and many others. Another famous series, Nancy Drew, was a spin off of the Hardy Boys, very much like She-Ra spun off of MOTU Several books feature the Hardy Boys teaming up with Nancy Drew.

The Hardy Boys were even made into television series on several occasions. The one that concerns toy fans was made by ABC in the late 70's. It starred Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy as Frank and Joe Hardy. In 1978 Kenner produced two 12" action figures based on the show. These toys claim to fame is that Kenner used them as Mock Ups in producing 12" Star Wars figures.

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