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In the mid 80s Heathkit, the leading electronic kit company, created HERO, an advanced robot you could build at home. It looked something like a cross between a dalek and a trashcan. It had all sorts of accessory packs. These included a serial computer interface, robotic arm, remote control, and speech synthesizer. Heathkit later released a less expensive version called the HERO Jr.

In the late 80s or realy 90s Heathkit made the HERO 2000. It is truly the ultimate personal robot. It featured an Intel 8088 16-bit processor, and several co processors. It came with 24K RAM and was expandable to 576K. It had tons of sensors including 360 degree sonar, light sensor, sound sensor, and temperature sensor. One of its cooler features was that it could take text and translate it directly to speech. It had an optional 5 1/4 inch disk drive with dos built in. Other accessories included a multijointed arm, and an automatic battery dock.
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