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Hero Clix: Infinity Challenge Archive

#001 - 003: S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents

#004 - 006: S.H.I.E.L.D. Medics

#007 - 009: Hydra Operatives

#010 - 012: Hydra Medics

#013 - 015: Thugs

#016 - 018: Henchmen

#019 - 021: Skrull Agents

#022 - 024: Skrull Warriors

#025 - 027: Blade

#028 - 030: Wolfsbane

#031 - 033: Elektra

#034 - 036: Wasp

#037 - 039: Constrictor

#040 - 042: Boomerang

#043 - 045: Kingpin

#046 - 048: Vulture

#049 - 051: Jean Grey

#052 - 054: Hobgoblin

#055 - 057: Sabretooth

#058 - 060: Hulk

#061 - 063: Puppet Master

#064 - 066: Annihilus

#067 - 069: Captain America

#070 - 072: Spider-Man

#073 - 075: Wolverine

#076 - 078: Professor Xavier

#079 - 081: Juggernaut

#082 - 084: Cyclops

#085 - 087: Black Panther

#088 - 090: Blizzard

#091 - 093: Pyro

#094 - 096: Whirlwind

#097 - 099: Daredevil

#100 - 102: Bullseye

#103 - 105: Scarlet Witch

#106 -108: Quicksilver

#109 - 111: Mr. Hyde

#112 - 114: Klaw

#115 - 117: Controller

#118 - 120: Hercules

#121 - 123: Rogue

#124 - 126: Dr. Strange

#127 - 129: Magneto

#130 - 132: Kang

#133 - 135: Ultron

#136 - 138: Firelord

#139: Vision

#140: Quasar

#141: Thanos

#142: Nightmare

#143: Wasp

#144: Elektra

#145: Professor Xavier

#146: Juggernaut

#147: Cyclops

#148: Captain America

#149: Wolverine

#150: Spider-Man

Hero Clix is a strategic combat simulation game on the skirmish level. It features heros from the Marvel Universe. An expansion in the Fall of 2002 will feature characters from D.C. Comics. It is now possible to determine once and for all who is more powerfull Wolverine or Sabretooth!!!

Each figure has a points value that indicates its power relative to other figures. After mutually agreeing on a point total, players assemble a force of characters whose total value does not exceed the agreed upon number. The game is played on a large map representing the battlefield, such as a park or a shopping mall. Players begin by placing their characters in designated areas on the map. The gameplay is divided into turns. On his turn a player is alloted actions which allow him to move or attack with his figures. Players use their actions in an effort to complete a specific mission. (This usually involves beating your opponents characters to a pulp.) The characters have statistics that indicate their movement, skill in combat, defense, damage, and super powers. Combat outcome is randomly determined by rolling 2d6 and consulting the relevant statistics. When a character is damaged his statistics change. Victory is determined by the tactics used, skill in constructing a force, and chance.

In constructing a team many players try to optimize their useage of actions. This involves choosing characters whose average value is about 50 pts.

Being a game of chance, the super power that allows a player to manipulate the dice rolls is quite popular. At this time the only charater with this ability is Scarlet Witch. The power that allows a player to cancel another power is also very popular. The character of choice for this power seems to be Black Panther.

There are several effective strategies that have emerged. The first is for one team member to shoot and then for another to use barrier. This prevents other ranged attacks from targeting the characters, and prevents non-flying figures from charging. A second strategy is to use a character with Telekenesis or Flight 10 (such as Jean Grey) to fly a character with running shot (such as Cyclops) up front. That character then runs up and shoots the opponents characters on the first turn. The hope with this tactic is to lower the other figures stats and give your team a substantial advantage.

The most popular teams at this time are "Black Fire" and Stealth. Black Fire uses Firelord, one of the more powerful and undercosted figures in the game, and Black Panther, the only figure to begin his dial with outwit. Firelord soars and flys near an opponent while Panther hides in the bushes. When Firelord and Panther are well rested Panther outwits Firelords ability to soar for the turn. Firelord drops down and shoots. At the end of the turn Firelord returns to the skys. The stealth team uses characters with stealth to avoid being shot by the powerful ranged characters such as firelord. Popular choices are Electra, Black Panther, Captain America, Wolverine, and Sabretooth.

Another interesting tactic in use is the combination of flight and TKE to 'rescue' one of your characters. A character with TKE, such as Jean Gray, flings a flying character, such as Wasp, to the character to be rescued. The flying character then carries the front man back behind cover.

Top 10 Figures

  1. Veteran Firelord
  2. Experienced Black Panther
  3. Unique Electra
  4. Veteran Bullseye
  5. Unique Wasp
  6. Veteran Rogue
  7. Rookie Jean Gray
  8. Rookie Scarlet Witch
  9. Unique Wolverine
  10. Experienced Hercules

These figures were made by Wiz Kids in 2002.

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