Agent Carr

Agent Carr is one of the strongest offensive figures in the game. He is brutal in hand to hand combat, has a ranged attack, and also has an above average defense. His ghost walk special power allows him to engage important enemy targets in hand to hand combat.

Agent Carr is best used to destroy heavily armored units, or characters with many wounds. He is more than likely to cause at least one wound to even the best armored foe. Lighter armored targets will likely suffer two or more wounds. I generally put him just behind the front line so that he will not get shot up during the advance. His special abilities make him an ideal assassin, as he will not be held up by lesser foes, and can work his way right through the enemy ranks.

A common strategy is to block access to key points, such as glyphs, with characters. Agent Carr's special powers allow him to bypass these defenders and reach the target. I would only use this strategy in dire circumstance as it is unlikely that Agent Carr on his own can defend the position.

Even though he is powerful, do not be tempted to send him off on his own. His devastating hand to hand attack is wasted on units such as Marro Warriors. More significantly, a gang of lesser foes, such as the Tarn Viking Warriors, can easily cut him down.

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