Arrow Gruts

High Movement
Long Range
Low Points Costs

Low Attack Value
Low Defense Value

The high movement of the Arrow Gruts allows them to outmaneuver the enemy. They can be used to flank enemy positions. If they are threatened they can retreat. Their range allows them to strike at a distance. The combination of these two attributes helps keep them out of harms way and still pester the enemy. If they advance at full pace towards the enemy and then shoot at maximum range, their total range for the turn is quite large. They are a threat to lightly armored models such as the Airborne Elite and the Venoc Vipers. The Arrow Gruts are quite inexpensive, and so can easily fit into many different forces.

Unfortunately, the Arrow Gruts are very weak. Their chances of wounding an opponent are negligible, and they are easily wounded. They must be positioned with care or they will be destroyed.

Their disengage power would be quite powerful if it were likely that they survived combat. In combination with Raelin or the Glyph of Jalgard they may be quite effective. As there are currently no beasts in the game, their beast bonding power is not of any use.

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