Blade Gruts

High Movement
Large Number of Troops
Low Points Cost

Average Attack Value
Average Defense Value

The Blade Gruts are very mobile for a hand to hand unit. They can be used to flank the enemy. If they are overpowered, they can use their speed to retreat and regroup. They have four troops in their squad, and could potentially overwhelm the enemy with a swarm of figures. Like the Arrow Gruts, the Blade Gruts are inexpensive.

The Blade Gruts are still quite weak when compared to the Tarn Viking Warriors. The Gruts attack statistic is not high enough to ensure that they can rout an enemy. The Gruts defense statistic is not high enough for them to win a battle of attrition. This being said, they can be made more powerful by Tornak, and Grimnak. Given their movement they will likely have a superior tactical position, taking the high ground or a Glyph.

The Blade Gruts' Orc Champion power is quite powerful. It allows you to better manage which models you may activate, and also increases the speed with which you can mobilize your forces.

Their disengage power may be of some use if it were likely that they survived combat. In combination with Raelin, the Glyph of Jalgard, or the Glyph of Gerda they offer some interesting tactical possibilities. For example, with their speed they can flank the enemy force. Even if an opponent engages them in battle to stop their advance, they can disengage without penalty and get to the side or rear of the enemy force. This may allow them to attack vulnerable targets such as archers and the like.

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