Drafting a HeroScape Army

Quite obviously not all HeroScape units are equal. This makes drafting consequential. Further, combinations of units are also unequal, as are the performance of units on certain types of battlefields. This makes the drafting process more complex than simply each player choosing the most powerful units in their order.

The following is a rough ordering of the units from what I consider to be the most powerful unit to the one I consider to be least powerful. (It should be noted that a unit may perform very differently when compared to different foes and this effects the ordering. Thus to be complete an ordering of best to worst should be made for each type of opponent.)

Sgt. Drake
Agent Carr
Deathwalker 9000
Krav Maga Agents
Izumi Samurai
Tarn Viking Warriors
Raelin Kyrie Warrior
Zettian Guards
Airborne Elite
Finn Viking Champion
Thorgrim Viking Champion
Marro Warriors

The Deathwalker 9000 is difficult for most units to destroy. Agent Carr and Sgt. Drake are the only units that can effectively kill it. Thus, Agent Carr or Sgt. Drake should be your first choice. I generally prefer Sgt. Drake, as he will not be worn down by ranged attacks. If you are choosing second, you should choose the remaining unit, or if your opponent did not choose Carr or Drake then you would do well to choose them both.

The remaining choices depend on what type of army you would like to build, as well as the type of army your opponent is choosing. I would advise you to choose a balanced army. Such a force includes troops that have both ranged and hand to hand attacks, have at least one unit with above average movement, and at least one unit with above average defense. It goes without saying that you want units with above average attacks. It is also important to have the right number of models in your army. If you have too few models you will be swarmed by your opponent. If you have too many you may not be able to effectively field them.

If your opponent is choosing alot of troops then you would do well to choose Grimnak. Another good choice in such a situation is Mimring as his attack can effect many miniatures.
If your opponent chooses Grimnak you would do well to choose Deathwalker or Mimring as they are both too large for Grimnak to eat.
If your opponent is choosing alot of long range units you should counter with the choice of Sgt. Drake, Izumi Samurai, Ne-Gok-Sa, Deathwalker, Krav Maga Agents, or Zettian Guards.
If your opponent chooses alot of characters you should counter by choosing units with many figures. Particularly good ones are Izumi Samurai, Krav Maga Agents, and Tarn Viking Warriors.

Raelin works well with most any unit. She is particularly effective with Izumi Samurai, Krav Maga Agents, Tarn Miking Warriors, or Sgt. Drake.
The combination of a defensive unit and long range support can be effective. Good combinations are Izumi Samurai and Syvarris, Zettian Guards and Krav Maga Agents, and Ne-Gok-Sa and Airborne Elite.

The following is a sample draft.

Player 1: Sgt. Drake
Player 2: Agent Carr and Deathwalker 9000
Player 1: Mimring
Player 2: Raelin Kyrie Warrior
Player 1: Krav Maga Agents
Player 2: Izumi Samurai
Player 1: Airborne Elite
Player 2: Grimnak
Player 1: Zettian Guards
Player 2: Tarn Viking Warriors
Player 1: Syvarris
Player 2: Ne-Gok-Sa
Player 1: Marro Warriors
Player 2: Thorgrim Viking Champion
Player 1: Finn Viking Champion

Player 1 drafted a ranged attack army. He choose the Airborne Elite, and Marro Warriors before they would normally have been chosen. Player 2 drafted an army with high defense. This is reflected in his early pick of Realin.

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