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Enter a world where heroic warriors from all ages meet in battle. Ancient Roman legions fight honorable samurai warriors, giant dinosaurs face off with mythical dragons, and aliens meet mecha in mortal combat. It is a world of towering mountains and dark dungeons. It is HeroScape. And now begins the battle of all time!

This game was made by Milton Bradley, a division of Hasbro, in 2004. It is without a doubt MBs best miniatures game in all respects. It even outdoes the venerable Battle Masters.

The rules are fairly simple, and this is good because it makes for a fast paced game. There is alot of strategy in choosing or drafting an army. Tactics play an important part in the gameplay, and it is essential to make good use of the terrain.

The Rise of the Valkyrie Master boxed set includes thirty pre-painted 25mm scale miniatures. These are roughly comparable to MageKnight figures. A wide variety of troops are represented including vikings, dragons, samurai, soldiers, and aliens. Like Mage Knight figures, the miniatures are made out of a maleable plastic, so that their spears will not break in combat. They are slightly larger than HeroClix figures. This has resulted in what I judge to be somewhat better paint jobs. Overall the figures have a washed look to them, rather than most Hero clix figures which appear drybrushed.

A big part of the game is the board tiles. In all there are more than 350 hexes of terrain. These can be assembled into an almost infinite number of battlefields. The terrain types include grass, rock, sand, and water. The game also includes two ruins to provide extra cover.

The game is fully equipped with more than twenty dice and plastic counters. Quite simply, everything you need to play.

Agent Carr

Airborne Elite

Deathwalker 9000

Finn the Viking Champion


Izumi Samurai

Krav Maga Agents

Marro Warriors



Raelin the Kyrie Warrior

Sgt. Drake Alexander


Tarn Viking Warriors

Thorgrim the Viking Champion

Zettian Guards

Army Lists

Drafting an Army


We will be posting articles about each of the scenarios.

Arrow Gruts

Blade Gruts

Roman Legionnaires

Roman Archers

Omnicron Snipers

Venoc Vipers

Kelda the Kyrie Warrior

Marcus Decimus Gallus

Taelord the Kyrie Warrior



Glyph of Lodin

Glyph of Sturla

Marro Dones

Minions of Tugar

Swog Rider

Knights of Weston

4th Massachusettes Line

Anubian Wolves

Sir Denrick


Khosumet the Darklord



Marrden Hounds

MacDirk Warriors

Microcorp Agents

Sentinels of Jandar

Shaolin Monks

Concan the Kyrie Warrior

Saylind the Kyrie Warrior

Alastair MacDirk

Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan

Deathwalker 7000

Aubrien Archers


Deadeye Dan

James Murphy

Guilty McCreech

Tagawa Samurai

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