Saylind the Kyrie Warrior

Good Attack
Good Movement
Spear of Summoning

Average Defense

Like most Kyrie Warriors, Saylind is weak on defense. His spear of summoning power is quite interesting. For example you can mount two flank attacks with strong characters. On the right flank is Saylind and Krug, and the left is Sir Denrick and a Deathwalker. If your opponent defends the left flank then summon Sir Kendrick and wipe out his army from the right side. If your opponent defends the right flank then your other two uber characters should be able to clean up on the left flank. You can also use the spear of summoning to mount hit and run attacks. Run in with Me-Burq-Sa and attack. Then summon him back to Saylind behind your lines. Unfortunately, Saylind's summoning power only works about half of the time, making its use risky.

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