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Time has finally caught up to the boy who would never grow up. Peter Banning is now 40 years old, is married, and has two children of his own. He is now a lawyer and bearly remembers his adventures as Peter Pan. On a trip to London to visit Wendy, his children are kidnapped by Captain Hook. Return to neverland with Peter on a quest to rescue his children and rediscover his youth.

Swashbuckling Peter Pan

Air Attack Peter Pan

Battle Swing Peter Pan

Food Fighting Peter Pan

Learn to Fly Peter Pan

Ruffio, Lost Boy

Ace, Lost Boy

Thud Butt, Lost Boy

Lost Boy Attack Croc.

Lost Boy Attack Raft

Lost Boy Strike Tank

Multi Blade Capt. Hook

Tall Terror Capt. Hook

Swiss Army Capt. Hook

Skull Armor Capt. Hook

Bill Jukes


These toys were made by Mattel in 1991. They tied into the movie of the same name.

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