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Long ago the Mutores imprisioned the Inhumanoids deep within the earth. After centuries of confinement the Inhumanoids have now been set free and are wreaking havoc on the surface dwellers. Enter Herc Armstrong, a noted geologist and leader of a special squad known as the Earth Corps. Can Herc and the Earth Corps stop the evil the lies within?

Earth Corps

Terrascout box: front

Terrascout box: back

Trappeur box: front

Trappeur box: back


Redlen: pic 1

Redlen: pic 2


Magnokor: pic 1

Magnokor: pic 2


Meltar: pic 1

Meltar: pic 2

Tendril: pic 1

Tendril: pic 2

Decompose: pic 1

Decompose: pic 2

Decompose: pic 3

These toys were made by hasbro in 1986. They tied into a cartoon of the same name.

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