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mattel mega heroes judge dredd vs. cons
In 1996 Mattel relesed a set of miniature Judge Dredd figures as part of the Mega Heroes line.

  • Judge Vs. Cons: Lawgiver Dredd, Fergie, and Undercity Perp
  • Judges Vs. Mean Angel: Chief Justice Fargo, Mean Machine Angel and Squad Leader Judge Hunter
  • Judge Vs. Uglies: Block War Dredd, Ugly Pugly and Fink Angel
  • Judge Vs. Anti-Judges: Street Judge Hershey, Rico and Judge Death
  • Judge Vs. Mutant: Judge Dredd on Lawmaster Mark IV and Cursed Earth Mutant
  • Judge Vs. Machine: Riot Armor Dredd and ABC Bot
Judge Vs. Cons #1
Judge Vs. Cons back of card
Judges Vs. Mean Angel #2
Judges Vs. Mean Angel back of card
Judge Vs. Uglies #3
Judge Vs. Uglies back of card
Judge Vs. Anti-Judges #4
Judge Vs. Anti-Judges back of card
Judge Vs. Mutant #5
Judge Vs. Mutant back of card
Judge Vs. Machine #6
Judge Vs. Machine back of card

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