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Meet Daniel, your average high school student from New Jersey. He and his mother move to California to make a fresh start. Upon arrival Daniel befriends Kate. Johnny, Kate's former boy friend, and his friends take offense at Daniel's interest in Kate. Late one night Daniel is caught by Johnny and his gang. Mr. Miyagi, the apartment custodian, hears the commotion and goes out to investigate. After seeing the thugs beating up Daniel, Miyagi single-handedly defeats the bullies. He then sets out to teach Daniel karate. First he asks Daniel to wax his cars. Wax on... Wax off... wax on... wax off. Then he asks Daniel to paint the fence. Finally Daniel washes the deck. Daniel confronts Miyagi and asks when he will teach him karate. Mr. Miyagi replies that he has already begun his training. The bullies challenge Daniel to enter a local karate tournament. Can Daniel live up to the challenge?

These toys were made by Remco in 1986. They were the offical toys for the movies.


Daniel San





Competition Center

Training Center

Sato's Cannery

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