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The Dark Knight Collection

Kenner's first of many Batman series. The design team opted for a realistic and dark theme in contrast to the Fantastic and bright Super Powers line. Kenner produced many different versions of Batman to the neglect of other characters, espically villains. This pattern continued throughout their Batman series. Many of the figures featured a clip on backpack. Some of the vehicle molds were from previous series such as Super Powers and Silverhawks.

Series 1: 1990

Crime Attack Batman

Iron Winch Batman

Shadow Wing Batman

Tec Shield Batman

Wall Scaler Batman

Bruce Wayne

Sky Escape Joker






Joker Cycle

Series 2: 1991

Power Wing Batman

Thunder Whip Batman

Knock Out Joker

Crime Master Sets
Blast Shield

Claw Climber

Night Glider

Bola Bullet

Sky Blade


Role Play Armor Set

Batarang Blaster

Crime Control Set

Batman Returns

Kenner gained the license to make Batman toys for the major motion pictures. It was formally held by ToyBiz. The figures are similar in theme and design to the Dark Knight Collection.

Series 1: 1992

Air Attack Batman

Arctic Batman

Crime Attack Batman

Laser Batman

Deep Dive Batman

Power Wing Batman

Shadow Wing Batman

Sky Winch Batman

Thunder Whip Batman

Bruce Wayne




Penguin Commandos

Bola Strike
(repaint of Dark Knight Blast Shield)

Claw Climber
(repaint of Dark Knight Claw Climber)

Polar Blast
(repaint of Dark Knight Night Glider)





Bruce Wayne Custom Coupe

The Penguin Umbrella Jet

Laser Blade Cycle

Robin Jetfoil

Sky Blade

Sky Drop Airship

Turbo Jet Batwing

Series 1.5: 1993

Aero Strike

Fire Bolt

Rocket Blast

Series 2: 1994

Hydro Charge

Jungle Tracker

Night Climber

Toxic Guard

16" Batman

Camo Batmobile

Batman: The Animated Series

A ground breaking series using clean sculpts and paint schemes that were very similar to the art in the cartoon.

Series 1: 1992

Combat Belt Batman

Turbo Jet Batman






Series 2: 1993

Bruce Wayne

Sky Dive Batman

Infrared Batman

Turbo Batplane


Bat Signal Jet



Robin Dragster


The Joker





Series 3: 1993-1994

Lightning Strike Batman

Knight Star Batman

High Wire Batman

Mech Wing Batman

Ninja Robin

Aero Bat

Hydro Bat

Electronic Crime Stalker

Bruce Wayne Street Jet

Mr. Freeze

Clay Face

Series 4: 1994

Anti-Freeze Batman

Power Vision Batman

Ground Assault Batman

Dick Greyson/Robin

Ninja Power Pack Batman and Robin

Ice Hammer

12" Ultimate Batman

Poison Ivy

Series 5: 1994-1995

Rapid Attack Batman

Tornado Batman

Bola Trap Batman

Radar Scope Batman

Cyber Gear Batman

Glider Robin

Killer Croc


Series 6: Crime Squad

Air Assault Batman

Land Strike Batman

Torpedo Batman

Piranah Blade Batman

Sea Claw Batman

Battle Helmet Batman

Stealthwing Batman

Ski Blast Robin

Crime Squad Batcycle

Triple Attack Jet

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 1994

Tornado Batman

Rapid Attack Batman

Retro Batman

Total Armor Batman

Decoy Batman


Jet Pack Joker

Legends of Batman

Series 1: 1994

Crusader Batman

Cyborg Batman

Future Batman

Knightquest Batman

Power Guardian Batman


Dark Rider Batman




Series 2: 1995

Knightsend Batman

Samurai Batman

Viking Batman

Deluxe Desert Knight Batman

Deluxe Flight Pack Batman

Deluxe Silver Knight Batman


Series 2.5: 1995-1996

Dark Warrior Batman

Long Bow Batman

Crusader Robin

Series 3: 1996

Buccaneer Batman

Gladiator Batman

Ultra Armor Batman

First Mate Robin

Deluxe Energy Surge Batman

Ultimate Knight Quest Batman




Laughing Man Joker

Egyptian Batman Vs. Catwoman

Pirate Batman Vs. Two-Face

Batman Forever

The official figures of the major motion picture.

Series 1: 1995

Blast Cape Batman

Fire Guard Batman

Manta Ray Batman

Night Hunter Batman

Sonar Sensor Batman

Bruce Wayne

Hydro Claw Robin

Street Biker Robin

Dick Greyson



Series 2

Batarang Batman

Iceblade Batman

Neon Armor Batman

Night Flight Batman

Power Recon Batman

Recon Hunter Batman

Solar Shield Batman

Street Racer Batman

Wing Blast Batman

Sky Board Robin

Triple Strike Robin



Deluxe Attack Wing Batman

Deluxe Laser Discs Batman

Deluxe Light Wing Batman

Deluxe Martial Arts Robin

Deluxe Talking Riddler

Two Packs

Guardians of Gotham City

Riddler and Two Face

Ultimate Batman

Target Exclusives

Bruce Wayne

Tide Racer Robin


Vechicles and Playsets


Batman Power Center




Riddler Power Center

Robin Cycle

Triple Action Vehicle Set

Wayne Mannor

Adventures of Batman and Robin

Crime Squad Series 2: 1996

Bomb Control Batman

Fast Pursuit Batman

Disaster Control Batman

Super Sonic Batman

Deluxe Skycopter

Deluxe Tri Wing

Series 1: 1996

Hoverjet Batman

Paraglide Batman

Rocketpack Batman

Bola Trap Robin


Pogo Stick Joker

Ra's Al Ghul

Series 2: 1997

Machine Gun Joker

Harley Quinn

Duo Force Series 1: 1997

Turbo Surge Batman

Vector Wing Batman

Air Strike Robin

Mr. Freeze

Duo Force Series 2: 1997

Cycle Thruster Batman

Hydro Storm Robin

Wind Bliz Batgirl

Roto Chopper Riddler


Rogues Gallery 8 Pack

New Batman Adventures 1997-1998

Series 1: 1997

Detective Batman

Crime Fighter Robin

Crime Solver Nightwing

Mad Hatter

Series 2: 1998

Knight Glider Batman

Street Strike Batman

Bruce Wayne

Force Shield Nightwing

The Creeper

Wild Card Joker

Mission Masters Series 1: 1998

Anti-Blaze Batman

Cave Climber Batman

Desert Camo Batman

Glider Strike Batman

Jungle Tracker Batman

Slalom Batman

Speedboat Batman

Arctic Blast Robin

Deluxe Silver Defender Batman

Deluxe Hydro Jet Nightwing

Rumble Ready Riddler

Insect Body Mr. Freeze

Mission Masters Series 2: 1998

Land Strike Batman

Infrared Batman

Knight Strike Batman

Sea Claw Batman

Arctic Ambush Robin

Deluxe Sky Chopper Batman

Deluxe Radar Batman

Hydro Assault Joker

Multi Packs

Batman Vs. Two-Face

12" Figures






Harley Quinn

Vehicles and Playsets


Knight Strike Batmobile

Team Bat Cycle

Joker's Toxic Lab

Gotham City Bank


Knight Force Ninjas 1998

Series 1

Karate Chop Batman

Power Kick Batman

Side Strike Robin

Killer Croc

Series 2

Fist Fury Batman

Thunder Kick Batman


Tornado Blade Riddler

Series 3

Knight Blade Batman

Aersenal Cape Batman

Hyper Crush Robin


Batman and Robin 1997-1998

The official action figures for Batman and Robin the movie. Like its predecessors (Batman Returns and Batman Forever) this line used more 'realistic' sculpts.

Series 1

Heat Scan Batman

Hover Attack Batman

Battle Gear Bruce Wayne

Iceboard Robin

Razor Strike Robin


Deluxe Blast Wing Batman

Deluxe Rooftop Pursuit Batman

Deluxe Glacier Battle Robin

Deluxe Redbird Cycle Robin

Deluxe Blast Wing Robin

Deluxe Ice Strike Batgirl

Deluxe Ice Terror Mr. Freeze


Ice Blast Mr. Freeze

Jungle Venom Poison Ivy

Series 2: 1998

Ambush Attack Batman

Battle Board Batman

Ice Blade Batman

Laser Cape Batman

Neon Armor Batman

Snow Tracker Batman

Rotorblade Batman

Thermal Shield Batman

Sky Assault Batman

Wing Blast Batman

Attack Wing Robin

Battle Blast Robin

Talon Strike Robin

Triple Strike Robin

Cryonic Blast Mr. Freeze

Jet Wing Mr. Freeze

Ultimate Armor Mr. Freeze


Legends of the Dark Knight

These were large format (about 8 inches) figures. The sculpt of the figures was more detailed and sometimes dark.

Series 1: 1996

Assault Gauntlet Batman

Neural Claw Batman

Spline Cape Batman

Dive Claw Robin

Skywing Street Bike

Lethal Impact Bane


Series 2: 1997

Bat Attack Batman

Glacier Shild Batman

Laughing Gas Joker

Panther Prowl Catwoman

Series 3: 1998

Underwater Assault Batman

Jungle Rage Robin



Series 4: 1998

Dark Knight Batman

Lava Fury Batman


Internet Exclusive

Dark Knight Detective Batman

Shatterbalde Batman


Mission Masters Series 3 and 4

Mountain Pursuit

Knight Assault Batman

Gotham Crusader Batman

Night Shadow Batman

Lunar Attack Batman

Night Fury Robin

Midnight Hunter Batman

Rocket Blast Mr. Freeze

Lunar Force Batman

Velocity Storm Batman

Battle Staff Batman

Midnight Rescue Batman

Batman Beyond: 1999

This Series tied into the Batman Beyond cartoon which was originally aired on WB channel. Like many Kenner Batman lines, this one suffered from a lack of villans.

Ballistic Blade Batman

Bat-Hang Batman

Covert Batman

Energy Strike Batman

Future Armor Batman

Future Knight Batman

Hydro Force Batman

Lightning Storm Batman

Laser Batman

Manta Racer Batman

Power Armor Batman

Power Cape Batman

Shatter Blast Batman

Sonar Strike Batman

Thunderwhip Batman

Neon-Camo Batman

Tomorrow Armor Batman

Strato Defense Batman

Strike Cycle Batman

Surface To Air Batman



The Jokerz

J's Gang Power Throw

Batlink Series: 2000

Codebuster Batman

Power Grid Batman

Energy Surge Batman

Particelburst Batman

Search Engine Batman

Firewall Robin

Netrunner Batmobile

Virtual Bat

Virtual Joker

T.R.U. 4 Packs

Knight Force

Heroes and Villains

Batman, Robin, Alfred, and Clayface

Puppets of Crime

Gotham City Enforcement Team

Penguin's Revenge

Arkham Asylum Escape

Alliance of Fear

Shadows of Gotham City

Frozen Assets

Girls of Gotham City

Batman and Superman Super Hero Pack

These toys were made by Kenner from 1990 - 2002. They were the official toys for the Batman movies and animated series.

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