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Kenner produced a wide range of Knight Rider toys in 1982 and 1983. The flagship was a talking Knight 2000 Voice Car with a 6" Michael Knight action figure. (In Japan, the figure was sold separately in a box.) Somewhat smaller than the Voice Car was the Kitt Whip Shifter. Another mainstay of the collection was the Crash Set that included a small Kitt and a Semi to launch through. They also produced a small Kitt with Turbo Booster launcher.

Other vintage toys included a a Rough Riders Stunt Set that was made by LJN. Ideal made a Knight Rider Cut Off Challenge slot car set. Ertl produced a 1/64 and a 1/25 Die Cast Kitt and KidCo produced a Kitt Burning Key Car. A plastic model of Kitt was made by MPC.

Glasslite produced a range of Knight Rider toys called Super Maquina. They included a 3 3/4" Michael Knight, a motor cycle, lamborghini and jeep set, and a large Porsche. Strangely enough they never made a Kitt.

Other merchandise included a NES game, stickers, lunchboxes, board and card games, and books.

More recently Matchbox produced a Die Cast Kitt. Corgi produced a small die cast Kitt with small Michael Knight figure. There was a Japanase Hot Wheels Kitt and Karr. Aoshima produce a 1/18 scale metal Kitt. They also produced a micro r/c Kitt and Karr. Taiyo made a large rc Kitt.

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