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land of the lost tom porter action figure by tiger front of card
The Land of the Lost was a live action show that aired on NBC from 1974 to 1976. The show told the story of the Marshall family who get marooned in the Land of the Lost. In their adventures they come across dinosaurs, and various humanoid creatures including pakuni and the dreaded sleestak. It became a cult classic and has been rereleased on dvd. Unlike most shows of this type it featured good writing by sci fi legends like Larry Niven. The series was revived in 1991 amd aired on ABC for two years. The plot was similar to the original although the characters were different. Tiger produced a whole bunch of toys including a cool land rover.

  • Tom Porter
  • Kevin Porter
  • Talking Kevin
  • Annie Porter
  • Talking Annie
  • Christa
  • Talking Christa
  • Stink
  • Talking Stink
  • Tasha
  • Shung
  • Talking Shung
  • Nim
  • Dinosaur 2 pack
  • Pterodactyl Glider
  • Boulder Bomber
  • SS Frisco
  • Land Master
  • Porter's Treehouse
  • Princess
  • Scarface
  • Shung's Lair

land of the lost action figure by tiger kevin
Kevin 3/4 view
Kevin's bio card
Annie front view
Annie 3/4 view
Annie MOC
Annie's bio card
Tom front view
Tom 3/4 view
Tom's bio card
Christa MOC
Christa's bio card
Stink MOC
Stink back of card
Tasha 3/4 view
Tasha front view
Tasha's bio card
land of the lost action figure by tiger shung
Shung 3/4 view
Shung MOC
Shung's bio card
Porters' Treehouse card
Shung's Lair card
Scarface bio card
Triceratops bio card

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