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"An earth space probe enters a distant solar system and explodes! Like meteors, mysterious high-tech components rain down on two warring planets.

Discovering vast power in these components, Wartech, the evil leader of Planet Konn, plans to take his Tech Dynasty and invade the nearby planet of Prolon.

Jeffroon, leader of the good Star Legions, must use his newly developed Computer Power Units to build defense vehicles that will protect Prolon.

Its a war between armies of powerful new machines...Legions of Power!"

Star Legions

Prolon Pro-Techtors featuring Lt. Sadrick

In-Flight Command featuring Lt. P.C.

Strategic Enforcers featuring Commander Jeffron

Space Fighters featuring Lt. Marker

Land Rovers featuring Lt. Rob-Bart

Strike Jet

Tech Dynasty

Commandos of Konn featuring Lt. Douglar

Planetary Control Vehicles featuring Lt. Jondice

Power Masters featuring Commander Wartech

Ground Terrors featuring Lt. Reighnor

Space Attackers featuring Lt. Nimrod

Bandit Bomber

Nestle Quick Mail Away Pod

These toys were made by Tonka in 1986. This little known series had some of the most outstanding box artwork of the 80s.

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