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East of Arnor across the highmoor lies the dark realm of Angmar. It was once the home of the Witch King and many dark creatures still lurk in its hills. Those who are unlucky enough to survive the hordes of orcs and packs of wargs are tormented by horrific phantoms and spectres.

About the Army
The rules for an Angmar army are found in The Ruin of Arnor sourcebook. The list includes basic troops, fast moving wargs, and hard hitting cave trolls. However, what really sets it apart are the ghostly Shades, Barrow-wights, and Marsh Spectres. These heroes and warriors frighten the opposing force, causing them to lose formation or slip up in combat. The weakness of an Angmar list is the lack of might, poor ranged combat, and no elite warriors. Like many evil armies it also lacks high defence.

The Troops
Buhrdur is a fearsome opponent. He is not quite as powerful as a Mordor Troll Chieftan, but he will still rip most opponents to shreds. He is also quite good at hitting unsuspecting troops with boulders. However, his biggest contribution to an Angmar list is his abundance of might.

Barrow-wights are used to paralyze enemy heroes. They are best used in conjunction with Ringwraiths, who can sap a hero's will. They are a staple of any Angmar army.

Shades are ghostly apparitions that distract opponents in combat. Their high defence and multiple wounds make them very hard to kill. However, they are not good fighters themselves, so it is best to keep them behind your lines.

Wild Warg Chieftans are not quite as powerful as cave trolls, but are faster moving and have might, will, and fate. They are essential to help keep your Wargs in line, as the other characters can't keep up. They also provide a very strong fast assault.

Orc Warriors form the core of most Angmar lists. The key is to take them in large numbers. Most people field them with spears or shields. Ranged combat is important, but Orc bowmen are really not worth the points. I would recommend allying to get some decent archers.

Cave Trolls are the heavy hitters of the Angmar army. When combined with Shades, they rip through your opponent's army.

Along with Barrow-wights, Spectres are the other staple of an Angmar list. They break up your enemy's formation and allow your other troops to gang up on the lone soldiers. They are particularly effective when paired with a Ringwraith, as this reduces your opponents courage.

Wild Wargs provide the fast attack for the Angmar list. They also are an economical way to get higher strength attacks. Do not charge them up the middle or they will get shot to bits and then skewered on spears. I find it best to hold them back on the flank, and then charge around behind the enemy force when my orcs are ready to engage.

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