Lord of the Rings
Strategy Battle Game

The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game has a bewildering number of armies from which to choose. Further, many of these armies can be taken as allies, so there are a huge number of possible force combinations to explore. The following chart categorizes many of the armies in terms of their play styles.

Type of Force Good Armies Evil Armies
Archery Grey Company Minas Tirith Corsairs of Umbar Easterlings
Cheap Troops The Shire Rohan Moria Sharkey's Rogues
Elite Troops Kazad Dum The Fiefdoms Legions of the White Hand The Black Gate
Strong Troops Fanghorn Black Gate Monsters
Cavalry Rohan Minas Tirith Serpent Horde Khandish Mercenaries
Heavy Cavalry The Fiefdoms Far Harad Easterlings
Magic The Wizards Nazgul
Siege Engines The Tower of Ecthelion The Black Gate

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