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Northeast of The Shire lies the once great realm of Arnor. It was home to large castles and legendary warriors. Its King, Isuldur, severed Sauron's hand, ending his evil rule. However, Isuldur sealed his own fate and that of his kingdom by taking the One Ring. He soon perished, and his kingdom was overrun by the forces of the Dark Lord. Isuldur's descendants, the Dunedain, are some of the few remaining citizens of Arnor. They guard the shards of Narsil, awaiting the day when there is a warrior who is worthy enough to wield its power.

About the Army
The rules for an Arnor army are found in the Fall of Arnor sourcebook. They are a powerful army with a good fight value and high defense. Their warriors have shields and spears to help win combat. Hobbit Archers are excellent shots and help keep point costs down. For long ranged support they have Rangers. Like most forces of good they lack strength. More significantly they have low courage. This can be a real problem if they are broken, or face terrifying creatures.

The Troops
Malbeth the Seer is one of the better characters in the game. He makes the troops that surround him very hard to kill. If you play Arnor, make sure that you take him. Just remember that he is not much of a fighter, and keep him behind other troops.

Arvedui, the Last King of Arnor is another must have for forces of Arnor. For his points cost his stats are not that outstanding. However, he has a special power that helps keep your force from routing, thus making him indespensible.

Captains of Arnor have a fatal flaw, low courage. They are fine until your force breaks, then they usually run away. I tend to prefer taking several Dunedain instead of a Captain.

Dunedain provide long range firepower. Keep them protected behind other troops, as they have poor armor.

Warriors of Arnor will make up the bulk of your army.

It is wise to take some kind of bow support. I generally use Hobbit Archers as they are so inexpensive. This lets me maximize the number of troops that I can take.

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