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The western route into the dark realm of Mordor is home to Shelob, spawn of Ungoliant. Thus it was given the name Cirith Ungol, or spider pass. It was once the eastern border of Gondor, but has now been overrun by the forces of the Dark Lord.

About the Army
The rules for the Cirith Ungol army are found in the Mordor sourcebook. It is one of Sauron's four main forces, the others being the Black Gate, Minas Morgul, and Barad-Dur. The Cirith Ungol list includes Shelob, who is not listed elsewhere. It also has Mordor Trolls, Warg Riders, and Siege Bows which are not in all of Sauron's other forces. The list lacks Moranon Orcs.

The Troops
Shagrat is an experienced Mordor Uruk-hai Captain. He is only slightly more expensive, and gains extra might. However, he loses the option of having a bow or a two-handed weapon. All of this being said, he makes a good leader for a Cirith Ungol force.

Gorbag is an experienced Orc Captain. Like, Shagrat, he is only slightly more expensive, and gains extra might. He also loses the option of having a bow. This is not a big deal, as Orc Captains are not good shots. However, he also loses the option of taking a Warg, which can be very useful. If you want more might, Gorbag is one way to get it. However, he is not very courageous, and tends to flee at inoportune times.

Mordor Uruk-hai Captains are very strong. This comes in handy when you want to crack open Dwarven armor. If you are not taking Shagrat, then consider using an Uruk-hai Captain

Orc Shamans are essential in any orc army. The fury spell makes the orc horde fearless and even harder to kill.

I am not a big fan of Orc Captains. They are not a bad value for their points, and do contribute might to the Orc horde. However, I would rather have 8 orc warriors than one orc captain.

Shelob can be very deadly. Her special movement rules are particularly useful. However, she just does not have that many attacks, and thus cannot be relied upon to win combat. Fortunately she has a high defence. However, she has also been known to flee after suffering a wound. If used carefully she is a force to be reckoned with.

Orc Warriors are normally armed with spears or shields. They form the core of most Cirith Ungol forces.

Mordor Uruk-hai are the elite warriors of this force. Their fight value and strength is where they really shine. They can fill in many different roles, from archery to heavy hitters. Their weakness is their low armor. If screened by other orcs then there is no need to give them shields. Otherwise, it is not a bad idea.

Mordor Trolls are monsters. They win combats and beat things into the ground. It is never a bad idea to take at least one. They can be upgraded with war drums. If you have the points to spare then they are more than worth it. However, if you have to sacrifice too many troops, then the drums arn't worth the points.

Warg Riders strike fear into the ranks of mankind. They do tend to get shot up, but if you take enough of them, they will reach the enemy line. Thanks to the knock down rule and their high strength they hit with spectacular results. Do not be tempted to upgrade them with shields, throwing spears or bows. The extra defence is not useful, and they cannot hit the side of a barn if their life depended on it.

Orc Trackers are the greenskins' marksmen. However, they are still not that accurate, and don't have the best range. Fortunately their numbers help make up for their lack of skill and poor equipment. The one downside to Orc Trackers is that they don't have armor, and tend to get shot by opposing archers.

Mordor Siege Bow is usually used to kill heroes and cavalry. However, it requires a lucky shot. It is also vastly inferior to the Avenger Bolt thrower, so you may just want to leave back at the fortress.

The Mordor War Catapult is good at killing massed infantry.

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