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Dead of Dunharrow

Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Army of the Dead Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Army of the Dead

Although many forces came together to form the Last Alliance, there were some that broke apart and turned to the dark side. One of these was the traitors of Dunharrow. They were cursed by Isildur for their trechery. In death they realized their misdeeds, and have now risen again to help the forces of good.

About the Army
The Dead of Dunharrow are really cool looking models. They are also tough and have a great special ability that makes it much easier to wound cowardly opponents. However, due to their points cost and lack of might they are best fielded as an ally with another army. They also lack spear support, which could be provided by an ally such as The Fiefdoms, or Minas Tirith.

The Troops
The King of the Dead is their only Hero and so is mandatory. This is not a bad thing as his drain soul power is a hero killer. He is best accompanied by other characters with might and high attacks.

The Warriors of the Dead are good at wounding things like trolls, and mumaks. Their high courage lets them charge these terrifying foes, and their Blades of the Dead help wound them.

The Riders of the Dead are much maligned, as they do not function as cavalry. However, they are not that much more expensive than Warriors of the Dead, and have a much greater move. Their range of movement is particularly useful when charging mumakil. Moreover, their steeds cannot be shot out from under them like normal cavalry.

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