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In the thick of the Mirkwood forest stands Dol Guldur, stronghold of the Necromancer. It is home to all sorts of evil creatures, not the least of which is the Necromancer himself. Even in his ethereal form Sauron is quite powerful.

About the Army
The Dol Guldur army list is found in the Fall of the Necromancer supplement. If you want to play an army with creatures then this is the one for you. It is also the only list that includes The Necromancer.

The Troops
The Necromancer is a powerful magic user. He can also kill heroes outright in combat. His main drawback is his points cost. In large games he is a real menace.

Castellans of Dol Guldur are similar to Ringwraiths, but they are geared for combat rather than magic. This being said, they need to be supported in combat, as they don't have many wounds and have weaker armor than Ringwraiths.

Orc Shamans are essential in any orc army. The fury spell makes the orc horde fearless and even harder to kill.

I am not a big fan of Orc Captains. They are not a bad value for their points, and do contribute might to the Orc horde. However, I would rather have 8 orc warriors than one orc captain.

The Spider Queen is truly excellent. She does not have the fight, strength or defence of Shelob, but she has more attacks. She also has broodlings that can charge out and surprise the enemy.

Wild Warg Chieftans are not quite as powerful as cave trolls, but are faster moving and have might, will, and fate. They are essential to help keep your Wargs in line. They also provide a very strong fast assault.

Orc Warriors form the core of most Dol Guldur lists. The key is to take them in large numbers. Most people field them with spears or shields. Ranged combat is important, but Orc bowmen are really not worth the points. I would recommend allying to get some decent archers.

Giant Spiders are fast and can scurry across terrain. They are also quite deadly in hand to hand combat thanks to their high fight value and strength. Their weakness is their low defense and relatively high points cost. Make sure that they are screened by other troops, or send them in through cover.

Bat Swarms fit so well into the Dol Guldur theme. However, they are not as useful to this list, as they are for the Goblin lists. This being said, they still move very fast, and humble most heroes in combat.

Wild Wargs provide the fast attack for the Dol Guldur list. They also are an economical way to get higher strength attacks.

Mordor Trolls are monsters. They win combats and beat things into the ground. It is never a bad idea to take at least one. They can be upgraded with war drums. If you have the points to spare then they are more than worth it. However, if you have to sacrifice too many troops, then the drums arn't worth the points.

The Mordor War Catapult is good at killing massed infantry.

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