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Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Dwarf Rangers Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Dwarf Rangers Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Dwarf Rangers
Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Dwarf warriors Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Dwarf warriors

To the northeast of the Mirkwood forest rises the great mountain of Erebor. Deep beneath its rocky surface is one of the last Dwarven realms. It is ruled by the venerable Dain Ironfoot. In times of need it can muster a mighty fighting force.

About the Army
Erebor is the main dwarf list. It has the nearly indesructible Dain Ironfoot, King of Erebor, as well as a full range of dwarf troops. It lacks the Vault Warden teams of Khazad-Dum, and of course does not have spear support or cavalry.

The Troops
Dain Ironfoot is very hard to kill with his high defence and fate. Barazantathul, Dain's Axe does a good job of cutting most opponents to bits. He only lacks throwing axes, which are the weapon of choice for most Dwarf characters.

Balin, Son of Fundin, is better than a Dwarf King, and costs the same amount! Take him! Unlessed pressed for points, I give him Durin's axe.

Gimli performs better than Balin, but not quite as well as Dain. However, he is less expensive than Dain. He can also take an elven cloak, which I suggest using.

The Dwarf Captain is like a Jr. Dwarf King. However, with such great characters around, you may as well take one of the big kahunas.

Dwarf Warriors should be given shields. I never give them two handed weapons or dwarf bows. If you want two handed weapons you are better off taking Khazad Guard, and if you want bows, you are better of taking Dwarf Rangers with longbows.

Dwarf Rangers should be armed with longbows or throwing axes.

The Iron Guard are my favorite Dwarven troops. They have a great stat line all across the board. They also have throwing weapons. Their only downfall is that they are expensive, so you will be outnumbered and have a lower break point. However, I still think that they are worth the points.

Khazad Guard are the heavy hitters of the forces of good. They have good fight, better than average strength, and the potential to use a two handed weapon. Best of all, they have good armor, so they are less likely to die if they lose a fight.

The Dwarven Ballista is a poor man's Avenger Bolt Thrower. It can kill tough targets at range, but it does not have the multiple shots of the Avenger. It often misses its mark, or only kills a lowly goblin.

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