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Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Treebeard Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Treebeard

North of Rohan, in the foothills of the Misty Mountains, stands the age old forest of Fangorn. Its thick woods conceal a powerful force.

About the Army
Sadly, many of the models from the Fangorn list have not yet been made. Regardless, it is a high strength and defense army, like one consisting solely of trolls. It also has the same weakness of such armies, hordes of troops. Thus, Fangorn is best used as an ally.

The Troops
Treebeard is an amazing leader. He is almost as hard to kill as Dain Ironfoot. This makes him ideal in the to kill a king scenario. As you would expect he can tear most opponents to bits. He can also strike at long range by hurling boulders. Treebeard is invaluable in sieges, as he can knock down even the strongest fortifications.

Ents are fearsome opponents. They are one par with Mordor trolls, but cost slightly more. Fortunately, most evil armies have difficultly assaulting them, as they are too afraid to charge in.

350 point Ally Army List

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