Lord of the Rings
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Far Harad

In the distant southern region Middle Earth lies the land of Far Harad. It is a place of endless sand dunes and fierce storms. In this inhospitable land dwell strange creatures and savage men.

About the Army
The Far Harad army list is found in the Harad sourcebook. It has a mix of heavy cavalry, foot troops, and strong Half Trolls. Its camel riders are truly devastating on the charge, and Half Trolls can rip opposing troops to shreds. However, the army lacks long range fire power, and high armor values. Fortunately both of these factors are mitigated by the speed of the camel riders. Unfortunately, the army also lacks courage. It is very reliant on its leaders to charge into battle to keep the force from breaking.

As leadership is so important in a Far Harad force, it is wise to choose the Mahud King to lead your army. Mounting him on a camel not only makes him much more dangerous, but it allows you to position him so that he can get into combat and keep your forces from breaking.

Mahud Tribesmasters are good fighters, but tend to flee when your force breaks.

Mahud Warriors are an essential choice in any Far Harad army, as they are the cheapest troop choice. This lets to take larger numbers of troops, thereby increasing your break point.

Mahud Raiders on Camels are, in my opinion, the best cavalry in the game. Like Mumaks, they cause impact hits on enemy models because of their tusks.

Half Trolls are the elite foot troops of the Far Harad army. Most of their stats compare favorably to the other elite troops in the game. However, they do have a less than stellar armor value. They also cost a fair number of points, and can get swarmed by enemy troops.

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