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After the fall of Arnor to the forces of the Witch King of Angmar, the Dunedain, heirs to the throne, were scattered across the land. However, they never gave up their fight against the forces of evil. These battle hardened warriors appear from nowhere to defend their people from orcish hordes.

About the Army
The Grey Company is one of the more powerful armies in the game thanks to the fact that it does not have a bow limit. Its masses of archers cut down the enemy, and then they finish them off in hand to hand combat with their better than average weapon skill. The Grey Company's weakness is its low armor value. They can be overrun with hoards of troops, and shot to bits by crossbowmen.

The Troops
Strider is the only character in the army with good armor. However, he is also very expensive and cannot fend off a hoard of orcs on his own. Thus I usually leave him at home.

Arathorn is a great fighter. However, he lacks the weapon skill to make him a legend. More importantly he lacks enough armor to survive massed archery.

Halbarad is a jack of all trades, as all of this stats are above average, but not spectacular. The main reason to field him is the Banner of Arwen Evenstar, which has a greater range than a regular banner.

Elladan and Elrohir, the sons of Elrond, are great warriors. They are not nearly as powerful as their father, but are much less expensive than him. They are a good choice in almost any army. However, because of the special restrictions of the Grey Company bow limit, they do not make the best choice in this army.

Rangers of the North are stronger than regular humans, and also have might, will and fate. They are also exceptionally courageous, which makes them ideal leaders. They can also be mounted on horses, allowing them to run around and shoot people with arrows.

Dunedain are just like Rangers of the North, but they have lower defence and cannot be mounted.

Rangers of Arnor are expert marksmen. They are also very good fighters.

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