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The Host of the Hammerhand

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In the southwest of the land of Rohan in the foothills of the White Mountains is a place called Helm's Deep. It was there that the mighty Helm Hammerhand with an army of Roharim turned back the forces of evil and saved the land from ruin.

About the Army
The Host of the Hammerhand represents the force at Helm's Deep and thus cannot ally with many other forces. As one would expect from a Rohan army it has plenty of cavalry in the form of Riders of Rohan. It also has inexpensive basic troops, and elite Helm's Guard.

The Troops
Helm Hammerhand

Kings of Men are good leaders and have plenty of might. This makes them a good choice to lead the army. I generally give them a shield, heavy armor, an armored horse, and a lance.

Captains of Rohan are good sources of might, although they do not have the courage of the Kings. They are an important part of the Rohan army, as it is essential to be able to take heroic movement to charge with your horses when you lose the initiative. I generally equip them with throwing spears, and mount them on horses.

Rohan Outriders are elite troops, with a higher fight value than regular horsemen. They also have fate so they are harder to kill. I usually take a handful of them, just to help win those tough combats.

Riders of Rohan are great cavalry. They are slightly less susceptible to bow fire thanks to their shields. They can also be given throwing spears.

Warriors of Rohan should form the core of your force. To keep points down I take some without any extra equipment. Others I will give throwing spears. I do not give them bows, as the Riders already have them. I also usually do not give them shields, as there are other targets in the army with the same defence.

Helm's Guard

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