Lord of the Rings
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The Army of the High King

Although they were not as strong as the Dwarves, or as swift as the Elves, the forces of Numenor were the deciding factor in overthrowing Sauron at the Battle of the Last Alliance. Led by the mighty Elendil, they fought valiently against all odds. When the army was all but crushed, Isildur tore victory from the jaws of defeat by smiting the ring from Sauron's arm.

About the Army
The Army of the High King dates from the overthrowing of Sauron, thus it may only ally with the older forces. Given the stats of the Warriors of Numenor it is a wonder that Sauron was defeated at all. They have a good fight value, but are average in every other respect. They are not as cost effective as Warriors of Arnor, or Rangers of Arnor.

The Troops
Few fighters can compare to Elendil. However, he is more expensive than Gil-gilad who I consider to be superior without regard to points cost. This being said, Narsil allows him to cut right through enemy troops.

Isildur is a great warrior. His high defence and fate makes him very difficult to kill, even more difficult than a Dwarven King. He also has a fight value and many attacks. He is a great choice to lead the army. I generally mount him on a horse.

Captains of Numenor are solid characters. I prefer them to Captains of Gondor, as they have a higher fight value. I generally give them shields. Alternatively I mount them on a horse with a lance and heavy armor.

Warriors of Numenor are the only troop choice for the army. They should be given, spears, shields, or bows. As the spearmen are in the back rank they should not be given shields.

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