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Isengard Raiders

The fortress of Isengard lies at the southern tip of the Misty Mountains. It was originally built by the men of Gondor to protect its western border. It is now controlled by Saruman, and is habited by countless Orcs and Uruk-hai. His army blocks the Gap of Rohan, which is the only safe passage through the mountains.

About the Army
The rules for Isengard Raiders are found in the Two Towers journey book. They are an elite force and have some great heroes. They lack the variety of troops in the related Legions of the White Hand army list. In particular they do not have high defense, and are rather expensive, which is not a good combination. They also lack the ever so important Uruk-hai Shaman.

The Troops
Lurtz has more might than an ordinary Uruk-hai Captain. He also comes with a shield, and an orc bow. In fact, considering these upgrades, he basically gets the extra might for free. However, he cannot be upgraded with a crossbow or heavy armor.

Sharku rides a warg. This allows him to be where you need him. However, as an Orc he does not have the courage of Lurtz.



Uruk-hai Captains are great warriors. They have the strength to pierce all but the thickest armor. More significantly they have the courage needed to keep your troops from fleeing.

Uruk-hai Scouts are slightly less well armored than White Hand Uruk-hai.

Warg Riders

Feral Uruk-hai have a good attack to points cost ratio. They also have a good fight value and strength. However, like most troops in this army, they do not have the best armor.

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