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Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Wood Elf Warriors Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Wood Elf Warriors

East of the Misty Mountains near the mines of Moria is the great forest of Lorien. It is home to the Wood Elves, who have kept the forest free from the forces of evil since time immemorial.

About the Army
Lothlorien is another of the elven armies that is largely unproduced. They have the potent magic of Galadriel and the deadly shooting of wood elf warriors. However, they are very lightly armored, and thus avoiding ranged fire and winning combat is essential. They usually accomplish the former by equipping some of the warriors with elven cloaks and using blinding light. In regards to the latter they rely on shielding with spears and banners.

The Troops
There are two versions of Galadriel. The first can take the Mirror of Galadriel, which is very powerful if combined with heros such as Legolas. She can also cast blinding light, which can be crucial when facing lots of ranged attacks. She is not much of a fighter, but can cast immobilize to keep dangerous characters at bey. Galadriel, Lady of the Galadhrim, is a terrifying warrior. Not only can she hold her own in combat, but few evil models are courageous enought to attack her.

Celeborn is both a great fighter and a mage. With such powers you would expect him to cost as much as Elrond. He is a good value for his points cost.

Haldir is similar to an Elven Captain, but has more might. This really comes in handy with such a high fight value. He is also an expert shot.

As Elves are so expensive, Wood Elf Captains are used in lieu of other heroes to keep points costs down. I generally equip him with a wood elf spear and an elven cloak.

At present Wood Elf Warriors are the only troop choice in the army. Selecting the right equipment can be quite tricky. One option is to arm the warriors with spears. Another inexpensive option is to give them elven bows. Some can be given spears and throwing daggers. Others can be given elven cloaks in addition the their normal equipment. I have found that the best use of elven cloaks is on archers.

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