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In the foothills of the Mountains of Shadow stands the tower of Minas Morgul. Its dark spires stand in stark contrast to Minas Tirith, which lies across the river Anduin. It is a place of death and corruption, and is full of the spirits of Numenoreans who turned to the dark side. It is from this black tower that the Nazgul send their forces out into Middle Earth.

About the Army
The Minas Morgul army list can be found in the Mordor supplement. It has a wide variety of troops from orcs and orcs trackers, to Morgul Stalkers and Black Numenoreans. It also has Black Numenorean cavalry which add mobility to the army. The combination of terrifying Black Numenoreans and Ringwraiths is very effective.

The Troops
Gothmog is a ferocious fighter. The ability to mount him on a Warg makes him even more formidable. However, he is no match for the likes of Gil Gilad or Boromir. What really makes him special is his ability to mimic the heroic actions of nearby enemy heroes.

Grishnakh is a mighty Orc Captain. He is only slightly more costly than a regular captain, and definately worth taking. His one downside is that he cannot be mounted on a warg.

I am not a big fan of Orc Captains. They are not a bad value for their points, and do contribute might to the Orc horde. However, I would rather have 8 orc warriors than one orc captain.

Black Numenorean Marshal

Orc Warriors are normally armed with spears or shields. Their function in this army is to help boost the number of troops, and to support the Black Numenoreans.

Orc Trackers are the greenskins' marksmen. However, they are still not that accurate, and don't have the best range. Fortunately their numbers help make up for their lack of skill and poor equipment. The one downside to Orc Trackers is that they don't have armor, and tend to get shot by opposing archers.

Spectres break up your enemy's formation and allow your other troops to gang up on the lone soldiers. They are particularly effective when paired with a Ringwraith.

Black Numenorean Warriors form the core of a Minas Morgul army. They are not inexpensive, and unlike other elite evil troops are not particularly strong. Their power comes from the fact that they cause terror, and that they are well armored. One of their big weaknesses are bodyguards who automatically pass courage tests.

Morgul Knights are very much like Knights of Dol Amroth. However, they also cause terror, which makes them much more effective. This helps keep them from being swarmed by enemy troops.

Morgul Stalkers have a good fight value, and can concentrate a large number of attacks on a small area to help break a line. Their weakness is their poor defence. This is somewhat mitigated by their ability to slip into the shadows so that they cannot be targeted by arrows.

Black Numenorean Catapults can help put a damper on the vast numbers of archers that most good armies field.

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