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Minas Tirith

Since the fall of Osgiliath, Minas Tirith has stood as the bullwark against the forces of Sauron. Being in such close proximity to Mordor means it is constantly under the threat of attack. Only time will tell how long the forces of good can hold off the evil horde.

About the Army
The rules for a Minas Tirith army are found in the Gondor in Flames supplement. It is a balanced army that includes infantry, elites, cavalry, archers, and siege weapons. Its two shortcomings are a lack of heroes, and inexpensive troops. These can easily be overcome as Minas Tirith can ally with many other forces.

The Troops
Kings of Men are great leaders and a good value for their points. They do not have the fighting prowess of the major heroes, but are less expensive as well. Their high courage value really helps keep your army from routing. I usually equip them with armor and a shield. Otherwise I give them an armored horse, heavy armor, and a lance.

Captains of Minas Tirith are the standard heroes of the force. I generally given them a shield. If they are leading a group of cavalry, then I give them a lance and horse.

Warriors of Minas Tirith are better armored than Warriors of Rohan. However, they are also more expensive. I generally give them shields, or spears. I prefer not to give them bows, opting to use Rangers of Gondor.

Knights of Minas Tirith add much needed strength to the force thanks to their lances. However, they are not inexpensive, and if you take too many, you will be greatly outnumbered by the forces of evil.

Guard of the Fountain Court have a higher fight value and defence than regular warriors of Minas Tirith. However, they are very expensive, and in my opinion not worth the points.

Like the Fountain Court Guards, the Citadel Guards have a higher fight value. They have two uses: as archers, with their strong longbows; or as elite cavalry. The former are useful for sniping at enemy heroes, while the latter are more likely to bowl over enemy foot troops. In either case, they are elite troops and only a few should be taken.

Rangers of Gondor are the archers of the army. They also provide a higher fight value. However, you need to protect them, as they have a low defence.

The Battlecry Trebuchet is great at killing hordes of enemy foot troops. Its weakness is its 18 inch minimum range. It is also more expensive than the comparable Mordor War Catapult.

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