Lord of the Rings
Strategy Battle Game
Monsters of Middle-Earth

Ages ago, in the time of Morgoth, Middle-Earth was filled with all manner of evil creatures, including fire breathing dragons and enormous storm giants. They were savage creatures of incredible power. Relatively few of these behemoths survive, but some may still be found lurking in the dark.

About the Army
Like Fanghorn, the Monsters of Middle-Earth contains creatures of great power. However, they are likely to be overwhelmed by hordes of enemy troops. Thus the army is best allied with other forces.

The Balrog is by far the best monster, and is one of the best, if not the best character in the game. In fact, he is so good it is generally considered impolite to play him.

Like the Balrog, the Dragon is also very powerful. However, he has a tendency to run from battle when wounded, just like Shelob. He is vulnerable to bow fire, so I advise taking the Tough Hide upgrade. I am a big fan of the fly upgrade. This lets the Dragon get into combat quickly, and prevents opponents from hiding from him. The Wyrmtongue is also another great upgrade. It gives the dragon magical powers, which are free to use each turn. My least favorite upgrade is breath fire. Although it is quite powerful, it expends will and can leave the dragon vulnerable to magic.

Gulavhar is an amazing looking model. However, his power wanes when he is injured. A few well placed arrows can cripple him. He is too large to hide, thus you need to rush him into combat. He is best used with forces that contain plenty of fast support like bats, spiders, and warg riders.

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