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Ages ago the dwarves built a city deep beneath the peaks of the Misty Mountains. Its mines were a great source of mithril silver. However, in expanding the mines ever deeper they awakened an ancient evil, one of the Balrogs of Morgoth. Sensing his presence hordes of goblins flocked to the mines. Together they decimated the dwarven force and destroyed the city. The one small victory that the dwarves claimed was that they were able to seal off the entrances to the city and prevent the Balrog from escaping to wreak havoc on Middle Earth. The ruins of the city are now known as Moria.

About the Army
The rules for a Moria army are found in the Khazad-Dum supplement. As you might expect, Moria armies consist of hordes of Goblins. They are supported in various ways by Bat Swarms, Drums, and Cave Trolls.

The Troops
Durburz, the Goblin King, is the character of choice to lead a Moria army. He has a good leadership, and has a larger stand fast range than any other Goblin hero. He also provides a higher fight value and strenght. In addition he has a respectable number of might, will, and fate.

Moria Goblin Captains are very inexpensive. However, they are not good fighters. They are most useful for their might, and occassionally adding the extra strength to penetrate armor. The former is particularly important, as you can call a heroic move if you lose the initiative and tie up your opponent's troops.

Moria Goblin Shaman are used to cast fury. This gives all of the nearby goblins a save, makes them automatically pass leadership tests. Needless to say, this is a very powerful ability and most armies include at least one Shaman.

Moria Goblin Warriors form the core of the army. They are very poor shots and are best equipped with spears, or shields.

Moria Goblin Prowlers are the elite troops of the Moria army. They equal the abilities of an orc warrior, and are better shots. However, the things that really make them stand out are their throwing weapons and their bonus to wound trapped fighters. No Goblin force is complete without them.

Goblin Drums act like banners but have a greater area of effect. As you might expect they are very powerful. However, they are vulnerable to being shot by enemy archers. It has been my experience that the drummers are long since dead by the time that the battle lines meet.

Bat Swarms are one of the great equalizers in the game. They blind the enemy, reducing their weapon skill. This makes it possible for several goblins to humble even the mightiest warriors.

Cave Trolls are the less powerful cousins of Mordor Trolls. They are still more than a match for any foot troop, but they will not automatically best heroes in a fight. They are also somewhat less heavily armored than their Mordor cousins. This makes them a prime target for archers.

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