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To the East of Mordor, in the foothills of the Mountains of Shadow lies the land of Ithilien. Bordering both Gondor and Mordor it has been at the front lines of the conflict between good and evil for many ages. Its warriors are battle hardened and determined to hold off the barbaric horde.

About the Army
The rules for the Rangers of Ithilien army are found in the One Rule Book, Gondor in Flames, Two Towers Journeybook, and A Shadow in the East supplement. The force offers the best archery of the Minas Tirith list, with economical elite troops and inexpensive heroes. However, the force lacks the cavalry of the other Minas Tirith lists.

The Troops
Faramir, Captain of Gondor is an above average hero. He is a superior in almost all respects to a Captain of Minas Tirith, but he is not a match for Boromir. Fortunately he fares well against evil heroes, with the exception of such horrors as Mordor Trolls. If you are looking for a good fighter with plenty of might, will and fate then consider taking Faramir.

Madril, Captain of Ithilien is only slightly more expensive than a regular Captain of Minas Tirith. For the extra points you gain might and better ballistic skill. He is also is equipped with a bow. For these reasons alone he would be worth taking, but theres more. He has a special power that gives you a better chance of deploying your troops in special scenarios. His only downside is that he has a lower defence, so he is best used to command your archers.

Cirion, Lieutenant of Amon Barad is also only slightly more expensive than a regular Captain of Minas Tirith. He is equivalent in all respects except that he has more might. He also has a special power that gives him more courage when charging terrifying enemies.

Damrod, Ranger of Ithilien is a bargain for his points cost and should be taken in every army.

Captains of Minas Tirith are the standard heroes of the force. I generally given them a shield. If they are leading a group of cavalry, then I give them a lance and horse.

Warriors of Minas Tirith are better armored than Warriors of Rohan. However, they are also more expensive. I generally give them shields, or spears. I prefer not to give them bows, opting to use Rangers of Gondor.

Osgiliath Veterans are more courageous than Warriors of Minas Tirith. More significantly if they are close to Boromir or Faramir they receive a bonus to their fight value. This makes them worth taking.

In the Rangers of Ithilien the Citadel Guards are primarily used as achers. They are especially effective with their strong longbows. In the later stages of battle they are useful in hand to hand combat because of their higher fight value.

Rangers of Gondor are the archers of the army. They also provide a higher fight value. However, you need to protect them, as they have a low defence.

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