Lord of the Rings
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Just west of the Misty Mountains lies the land of Eriador. Long ago it was scattered with great elven cities. Now only a handful remain. The greatest of these is the Haven of Imladris, which is better known as Rivendell. It is the home of Elrond Halfelven, a wise seer and powerful healer.

About the Army
Sadly, most of the Rivendell army list has not been released. With the exception of Elf Warriors it is lacking all of its troops. However, it does have a full complement of heroes including Elrond and Gil-galad. In its current state it is an elite army list that focuses on thinning out the enemy with arrows, and then killing them with elite troops.

The Troops
Elrond is very hard to kill thanks to Vilya, the elven ring. Renew also helps heal other characters. Natures Wrath makes him the bain of mounted models. However, he is very expensive, leaving few points left for troops.

Elrond Master of Rivendell is even more expensive than the regular version. However, he has a most amazing ability that allows him to decimate swarms of enemy troops. He is well worth the points.

Gil-galad is a beast in hand to hand combat. If you can spare the points then take him.

Erestor is a very sturdy elf thanks to his ample supply of fate and high defense. His special Noldorin Daggers are very deadly. If you are considering using an elven captain, definately consider Erestor, he is worth the extra few points.

Elven Captain's provide the much needed might for elven forces.

Elf Warriors can be outfitted in several ways. There are the shooty warriors armed only with bows. Some people prefer to make armored archers, but these are more expensive. Then there are warriors with elven blades. Most people upgrade them with armor. Lastly there are the warriors with spears, shields, and heavy armor. Banners in elven forces are very deadly.

350 Point Army List

500 Point Army List

600 Point Army List

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