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Sharkey's Rogues

Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Sharkey and the Worm Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Sharkey and the Worm

After their fall, Saruman and Grima sought refuge in the bucolic realm of the Shire. There they assumed the identities of Sharkey and the Worm. However, they were not content to hide in this rustic setting. Instead they gathered together a band of rogues and scoured the realm.

About the Army
Sharkey's Rogues is one of the more powerful forces in the game, thanks to its plentiful supply of cheap troops. They have Ruffians, who are skilled archers, Wild Men of Dunland to provide strength, and Wild Wargs who can flank the enemy. Their biggest weakness is their low armor value. However, this is offset by their low points cost.

The Troops
Sharkey and the Worm are the best leaders of the force. They are inexpensive, provide much needed courge, and have magical powers. Every force should include them.

Wild Men Chieftains are your secondary commanders. They provide might, strength, and a higher fight value to help win combats.

Ruffians form the core of the force. Some should have bows. Others can be given whips, as there are usually penty of points to spare.

Wild Men of Dunland provide the extra strength to crack through armor. Do not take too many, as they are at a disadvantage in combat.

Orc Warriors can be used to provide spear support.

Wild Wargs are used to outflank the enemy force. They also provide extra strength.

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