Lord of the Rings
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The Wildmen of Druadan Forest

The Morannon, or Black Gate, the is the main entrance to Mordor. Its iron doors are guarded by legions of troops. They include some of the most powerful creatures in Sauron's army.

About the Army
The rules for the Black Gate army are found in the Mordor sourcebook. It is one of Sauron's four main forces, the others being the Cirith Ungol, Minas Morgul, and Barad-Dur. The Black Gate list includes the Mordor Troll Chieftain which is not listed elsewhere. It also has Moranon Orcs, and Mordor Uruk-hai. The list lacks Orc Warriors.

The Troops
The Mouth of Sauron is very much like a cross between an Orc Captain and a Ringwraith. His fighting skills are on par with an orc, but as you might expect he has more courage. More significantly, he is a compotent magic user. I have found his most useful spell to be Transfix, as it can turn an unsuspecting hero into a statue. He can use Sap Will to set heroes up for Transfix. His other spells also work well together. He can Drain Courage, and then use Terrifying Aura to keep foes away. I generally spend the extra points and mount him on a armored horse. In all, he is a bargain for his points cost.

Mordor Uruk-hai Captains are very strong. This comes in handy when you want to crack open Dwarven armor. If you are not taking Shagrat, then consider using an Uruk-hai Captain

Orc Shamans are essential in any orc army. The fury spell makes the orc horde fearless and even harder to kill.

As you might expect, Mordor Troll Chieftains are really powerful. They are better fighters than almost all of the good heroes, have plenty of attacks, and have the might to win combat. Just don't let them get swarmed by tons of enemy troops.

Morannon Orcs are some of the best troops in the game. They are not too expensive, are strong, and have good armor. Take plenty of them.

Mordor Uruk-hai are the elite warriors of this force. Their fight value and strength is where they really shine. They can fill in many different roles, from archery to heavy hitters. Their weakness is their low armor. If screened by other orcs then there is no need to give them shields. Otherwise, it is not a bad idea.

Mordor Trolls are monsters. They win combats and beat things into the ground. It is never a bad idea to take at least one. They can be upgraded with war drums. If you have the points to spare then they are more than worth it. However, if you have to sacrifice too many troops, then the drums arn't worth the points.

Orc Trackers are the greenskins' marksmen. However, they are still not that accurate, and don't have the best range. Fortunately their numbers help make up for their lack of skill and poor equipment. The one downside to Orc Trackers is that they don't have armor, and tend to get shot by opposing archers.

The Mordor War Catapult is good at killing massed infantry.

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