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The Corsair Fleets

The Corsair Fleets are the scourge of the seas of Middle-Earth. Many a ship has been plundered and its crew slain by these ruthless bandits. They have also been known to raid coastal cities such as the Grey Havens and Dol Amroth.

About the Army
The rules for a Corsair Fleets army are found in the Harad supplement. Sadly, models for the Corsair Reavers have not been produced, although one is shown in the book. The army features troops who are skilled in combat, but lack armor. As one might expect, they also lack cavalry. It is crucial to take Arbelasters, as this pressures the enemy to engage your force. Keep your troops in cover to minimize damage from arrows.

The Troops
Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar, is a good fighter. However, his real power comes from his smoke bombs. These allow him to incapacitate his enemies at range before moving in for the kill.

Corsair Captains are the leaders of your force. Their high fight value, might, and armor make them indispensable in a Corsair force.

Corsair Bo'suns are not as powerful as captains. However, they act as banners which can be very useful with troops that have a high fight value.

Corsairs of Umbar lack even the most rudementary armor. However, they are fierce fighters. Make sure that you give them shields, so that they can protect themselves in combats where they are at a disadvantage.

Corsair Reavers have a good attack to points cost ratio. Further, they have a high fight value. This is a deadly combination. However, like the other Corsair Troops, they are vulnerable as they lack armor.

Corsair Arbalesters are some of the better archers in the game. They carry crossbows which can pierce even dwarven armor with ease. Further, their special shields greatly increase their defence if they are not in hand to hand combat.

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