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The Dwellers Below

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Those foolish enough to explore one of the many caves of Middle-earth are rarely seen alive again. For beneath the ground lurks an evil force waiting to be unleashed on unsuspecting adventurers. Swarms of goblins block the escape while Giant Spiders and Cave Trolls devour their prey.

About the Army
The rules for The Dwellers Below are found in The One Rule Book, and The Ruin of Arnor and Fall of the Necromancer supplements. The Dwellers Below is much less powerful than the Moria army list, as it does not have Bat Swarms, Goblin Prowlers, or Durburz. One of the main attractions of this army is that it allows you to ally with different forces than Moria. It also offers the possibility of mixing Goblins with faster moving creatures like Wargs and Giant Spiders.

The Troops
Moria Goblin Captains are the obvious leaders of a Dwellers below list because they are the only heroes able to give their standfast to the entire army. Make sure that you take enough of them, as they have a tendency to run when your force is broken.

Wild Warg Chieftans are not quite as powerful as cave trolls, but are faster moving and have might, will, and fate. They are essential to help keep your Wargs in line. They also provide a very strong fast assault.

Moria Goblin Warriors form the core of the force, as it is essential to have enough troops becuase the force will perform poorly when broken as the leaders have low courage. They should be armed with sheilds or spears.

Cave Trolls are the heavy hitters of the force. However, they are very expensive and a target for archers. In general you are probably better off choosing several Giant Spiders.

Wild Wargs provide an economical fast attack with decent strength attacks. They are lightly armored, so you need to take advantage of cover so that they will not get shot to bits.

Giant Spiders are fast and can scurry across terrain. They are also quite deadly in hand to hand combat thanks to their high fight value and strength. Their weakness is their low defense and relatively high points cost. Make sure that they are screened by other troops, or send them in through cover.

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