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The Eagles
Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Gwahir

High above Middle-Earth on the peaks of the Misty Mountains is the realm of Gwahir and the great eagles. They are champions of good and mighty warriors. Their realm is rarely threatened by Sauron's forces, so they have been known to travel great distances to aid the forces of good.

About the Army
The rules for The Eagles are found in the One Rule Book. The army has alot in common with Fanghorn. All of their troops are expensive, cause terror, and are skilled in combat. They are an elite army that is best used as an ally. Their ability to fly is particularly useful, as it allows them to strike where the enemy is weakest. If you can kill off the orc and goblin shamans, the eagles can frighten off even the largest orc horde.

The Troops
Gwahir, the Windlord, is the leader of the eagles. Although he does not have a great deal of might, it is invaluable in this force, as it allows the eagles to fly in and strike, and then withdraw the next turn even if the enemy wins priority. His high fight value can best even Mordor Troll Chieftains and his high defence protects him from lesser attacks.

The Giant Eagles have large charge range, thanks to their ability to fly. This lets them swoop in and tie up opposing troops before they can react. Ideal targets include Warg Riders and other mounted models. Further, the eagles are less likely to get counter charged as they cause terror.

350 Point Ally Army List

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