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The Easterlings

North-East of Mordor lies the Rhunish lands. They are ruled by Khamul the Easterling, the second of the Ringwraiths. Under Sauron's direction he has raised a mighty army to plunder Middle-Earth.

About the Army
The rules for an Easterling force are found in A Shadow in the East supplement. The Easterlings are better armored than regular orcs, but less expensive than Uruk-hai. They are roughly comparable to warriors of Minas Tirith. They win the battle by attrition, rather than strength in numbers. Their archers are one of the three types that are actually worth fielding in an evil army (the others being Uruk-hai Crossbowmen, and Corsair Arbelasters.) In addition to their deadly phalanxes of troops they have the heavily armored Kataphracts that can threaten the flanks of the enemy.

The Troops
Khamul the Easterling is not as skilled at magic as the other Ringwraiths. However, he has the ability to regain will if he wounds opponents. This makes him very combat oriented. I advise giving him an armored horse or Fellbeast. He can also use will to increase his statistics.

An Easterling Captain is only slightly superior to an average troop. His primary use is to gain the upper hand by using his might. He is particularly useful when mounted on an armored horse and escorting Karaphracts.

Easterling Warriors should be equipped with bows, shields, or spears and shields in roughly equal numbers. Obviously the troops without spears should take the front line, while the spearmen support in one or two ranks.

Easterling Kataphracts are great for assaulting archers. However, you must take them in great enough numbers to be effective. I generally try to take at least 12 Kataphracts for such an assault. They are also useful in smaller numbers to threaten your enemy's flank.

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