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The Fellowship

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The Fellowship of the Ring is an amazing force, but they are not an army. Even with heavy hitters like Gimli and Boromir, and the powerful magic of Gandalf the White they will fall victim to a mass of enemy troops. The hobbits only make the force more fragil, as they are easier to slay, and once killed put your force at risk of fleeing. Thus, The Fellowship is best allied with other forces.

Strider / Aragorn is one of the three fighters of the Fellowship. It goes without saying that he should have armor and a bow. The elven cloak is usually also worth taking, as it protects Aragorn from being turned into a crossbow kabob. Anduril is useful if your opponent is playing with high defense characters like trolls and mumaks. All of this being said, Aragorn costs a whole bunch of points, and it is probably better to consider taking Boromir and Gimli rather than Aragorn.

Boromir is the second of the three fighters. He generally gets cut down before Aragorn and Gimli. Make sure you give him the elven cloak. The Horn of Gondor is a potent weapon against most of the forces of evil, and makes him win many combats outright. He will win more combats than Gimli.

Gimli is the third fighter of the Fellowship. He is notoriously hard to kill. I generally spend the points and give him an elven cloak, but it is not vital to do so. When he wins combat he tears things to bits. Try to keep some other fighters with him so that he wins combat.

Legolas is the master of the bow. He should be given an elven cloak and armor. Use his deadly shot ability to pick off key enemy characters like Harad Chieftain's commanding mumakils.

There are two versions of Gandalf to choose from: Gandalf the Grey, and the more powerful Gandalf the White. Both are very expensive, so if you can spare the points for one you can probably find the points for the other. I generally opt for Gandalf the White, as he is more powerful and can be given an elven cloak. This being said, Gandalf the Grey on Shadowfax is very mobile and gives you an effective range of 24" for your spells.

As one might expect, the advantage of taking Frodo is that he has the One Ring. It lets him sneak around only to reappear and attack an opponent from behind, trapping him. The Mithril cloak is an essentail piece of gear. The elven cloak can also be useful. I usually do not bother taking sting, as Frodo has so few attacks anyway.

There are two versions of each of the other three Hobbits. If I play them I generally take the upgraded versions as they have more might and fate.

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