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The Grey Havens

West of the Shire in the Gulf of Lune is the Grey Havens of Lindon. In days of old, this bustling port used to greet many visitors from far off lands. Now, it serves as a point of departure to Valinor as elves flee Eriador.

About the Army
The rules for the Grey Havens are found in the One Rule Book, and the Fall of the Necromancer supplement. Sadly, most of the Grey Havens army list has not been released. With the exception of Elf Warriors it is lacking all of its troops. It is also lacking in heroes. Its one bright spot is Cirdan, who is a bargain for his points cost. In its current state it is an elite army list that focuses on thinning out the enemy with arrows, and then killing them with elite troops.

The Troops
Cirdan is a great mage. He complements the elven force in several ways. He can command powerful enemies, such as Mordor Trolls, to stay away. He also causes terror and can cast Aura of Dismay to frighten away opponents. These give you more time to shoot your opponents, and keep your opponent from swarming you. Lastly he can protect your force from archers by casting blinding light. His one downside is that he is a terrible fighter.

Elven Captain's provide the much needed might for elven forces.

Elf Warriors can be outfitted in several ways. There are the shooty warriors armed only with bows. Some people prefer to make armored archers, but these are more expensive. Then there are warriors with elven blades. Most people upgrade them with armor. Lastly there are the warriors with spears, shields, and heavy armor. Banners in elven forces are very deadly.

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