Lord of the Rings
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The Serpent Horde

Mordor is bordered on the south by the land of Harad. It is home to tribes of men and giant creatures of war. The mightiest of these is the Serpent Horde led by the might Suladan.

About the Army
The rules for the Serpent Horde are found in the Harad supplement. The Serpent Horde differs from the other Harad army lists in its inclusion of the elite Serpent Guard and Serpent Rider Troops. It also features the ruthless Suladan.

The Troops
Although Suladan is a great fighter, I have found that he is consistently defeated by the good heroes. With this being said, he does not cost that many points and can run rampant on regular foot troops. So, if you have some points to spare, consider using him.

Haradrim Chieftains are the leaders of your force. I generally arm them with a lance and mount them on a horse.

The Hasharin are not the most effective assassins in the world. I prefer to spend the points on Chieftains and troops.

Mumakils can absolutely wreck the opposing army. Their real vulnerability are arrows, so you should tailor your force to counteract this threat. One way to do this is load up on cheap troops, who would ordinarily be shot by the arrows. When they reach the opposing line, they will swarm the archers. Another way is to take horses to run and tie up the archers, while the mumak closes.

Haradrim Warriors form the core of your army. Some should be taken without any upgrades to save on points. Others should be given a spear. You should avoid giving them bows, as the Raiders already are equipped with them.

Haradrim Raiders are some of the least expensive horsemen in the game. I generally give them lances to add that extra punch to the army.

Watchers of Karna are the elite troops of the Harad force. They have an incredible attack to point ratio. However, they are a prime target for enemy archers, thanks to their low armor value. Take a few and keep them behind your back rank until the time is right. Then charge them in and support them with spears.

Serpent Guard provide the higher fight value and wounding power needed by the Harad force. Just as with the Watchers of Karna, you need to keep them behind your lines, or they will be shot down.

Serpent Riders can be particularly deadly if they reach combat. The trick is avoiding bowfire, as they have a tendency to get shot to bits. One option is to overwhelm the enemy by taking 15 or more riders. Another is to present more important targets such as Mumakils.

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