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To the South-West of Arnor is the land known as The Shire. Although the Great East Road between the Grey Havens and Rivendell runs through The Shire, it is a quiet land. Its people, the Hobbits, are small in stature but large in spirit.

About the Army
The rules for The Shire army are found in the Ruin of Arnor and The Shire supplements. Hobbits are the least expensive troops in the game. Thus they are able to field large armies. However, they are also the weakest troops in the game. They are not good fighters, are weak, and can't more very fast. To make things worse, they essentially lack spears and cavalry. The Hobbits are rescued by their numbers and their marksmenship. All Hobbits can throw stones at the enemy. Individually this is not that powerful, but when 40 Hobbits throw stones it hurts. The Shire army is rounded out by powerful characters such as Strider. One downside to a Shire army is that it cannot ally.

The Troops
Hobbits are not known for their fighting prowess. Frodo of the Nine Fingers is no expection. In fact he can't even charge an enemy. So why take Frodo? Well, he acts as a banner. Also his mithril coat and fate keep him in the battle. Lastly, he can carry the One Ring, which can let him pass behind enemy lines. If you are looking for a leader that sticks around then consider using Frodo.

Samwise the Brave is on par with Frodo of the Nine Fingers, but has more might and fate. He is a good choice to lead a Hobbit army.

Bilbo Baggins is very much like Frodo, but costs many more points.

Meriadoc, Knight of the Mark is inexpensive. Although he is not heavily armored, his fate helps him avoid the reaper. He also adds a minimal amount of might to your force. More significantly, his ability to increase all Hobbits' courage is very useful.

Peregrin, Guard of the Citadel is very much like Meriadoc. However, he does not have the extra ability, so he should only be chosen if you already have Meriadoc.

Farmer Maggot and his dogs are feared throughout the Shire. They are a useful choice because the dogs can outrun foot troops. This is particularly important, as Hobbits are very slow.

Paladin Took can be quite useful, as his large standfast helps keep all of those Hobbits from running for the hills. However, don't expect him to win many combats.

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is one of the best characters in the game. As you might expect she is not much of a fighter. However, she can distract enemy leaders with her furious tirade, thus preventing them from issuing a stand fast. She should be taken in every Hobbit force.

Fredegar Bolger would have been a Hobbit Archer if he didn't eat so much. He really isn't much of a hero, except that his fate allows him to stick around longer than your average hobbit.

Bandobras Took, the Bullroarer is a legendary Hobbit hero. He is a great model. However, he prevents you from taking any other characters, and thus is not for competetive play.

Strider / Aragorn is one of the three fighters of the Fellowship. It goes without saying that he should have armor and a bow. The elven cloak is usually also worth taking, as it protects Aragorn from being turned into a crossbow kabob. Anduril is useful if your opponent is playing with high defense characters like trolls and mumaks.

Gandalf the Grey on Shadowfax is very mobile and gives you an effective range of 24" for your spells. His blinding light spell can help shield the Hobbits from arrows. Sorcerous blast can be used to push back hordes of orcs.

Dunedain provide the higher fight value, longer range, and might for the army. Take plenty of them.

Hobbit Shirriffs form the core of your army. Their higher fight value and strength is essential in defeating the enemy.

Hobbit Militia are super cheap. If you really need to save on points take some of these guys along.

Hobbit Archers are good shots. However, their bows have limited range. Given the fact that they move so slowly you need to deploy them carefully or they will either have nothing to shoot at, or get overrun by the enemy.

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