Lord of the Rings
Strategy Battle Game
Wanderers in the Wild

Middle-Earth is full of exciting places to explore, from the peaks of the misty mountains to the forests of Lothlorien. Around every bend one encounters strange new creatures. Many heroes are called to wander the land in search adventure.

About the Army
Like the Fellowship of the Ring, the Wanderers in the Wild is not really an army. It is best to choose one or two characters from the list and ally with another force. The skills of many of the characters complement those of other armies quite nicely. For example Murin and Drar can add much needed toughness to the Grey Company, and Glorfindel adds fighting prowess to Theoden's Host.

The Troops
The rules for Bilbo Baggins are found in the One Rule Book. Like most Hobbits he is not much of a fighter. Further, he is rather expensive. So why would you want to choose Bilbo? Well, for one, he can carry the One Ring. This lets him turn invisible and sneak behind your opponents troops. He can also be quite hard to kill, which is good in the To Kill a King scenario. This is in part due to his abundance of fate. He is also rather short, and thus the model is hard to see, and what you can't see you can't shoot.

The rules for Murin and Drar are found in both the Khazad-Dum and A Shadow in the East supplements. They are a good team, but are not as powerful as Elladan and Elrohir. Kalazal, Murin's sword allows him to cut down orcs with ease. Drar is the ranged combat expert and can shoot multiple times a turn. They also have tons of might, which always comes in handy.

Glorfindel's rules are found in The Fall of the Necromancer source book. He is a mighty warrior and can be mounted on Asfaloth, his trusty steed. Further, he has plenty of might, will, and fate. He is even resistant to magic, which helps keep him from being paralyzed. As you would expect he is fairly expensive. Thus, he seems to work best in non elven forces, as elven troops are already so expensive.

The rules for Gildor Inglorion are found in The Fellowship of the Ring journey book. Gildor is a jack of all trades and a bargain for his points cost. He can cast magic to stop trolls and other dangerous creatures in their tracks. He is also a skilled fighter and can hold his own against most characters.

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