Lord of the Rings
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The Wizards

Five wizards were sent to Middle-Earth to oppose Sauron. The tales of two of them are shrouded in mystery. The remaining three have rather different stories. Saruman the White is corrupted by jelousy and greed. Radagast the Brown becomes distracted by other concerns. Only Gandalf stays true to his mission to defeat the dark lord.

About the Army
The rules for The Wizards are found in the One Rule Book, and the Fall of the Necromancer supplement. As you would expect, the Wizards cannot function as an army by themselves. They are weak in hand to hand combat and are simply swarmed by the enemy. However, are very useful when allied with the right force. Sorcerous Blast can cut down several enemies a turn, and Immobilize can turn a Troll into a toadstool.

The Troops
Saruman the White is the most powerful of the Wizards. He is the most proficient with Sorcerous Blast, and Immobilize.

Gandalf the Grey costs more than Saruman, and is less powerful. His one advantage is that he can be mounted on Shadowfax. This makes him very mobile and gives him an effective range of 24" for his spells.

Radagast the Brown does not have Sorcerous Blast. He is usually chosen because he has a special power that gives him line of sight to any point on the battlefield. This is useful when using volley fire. He has several other powers that keep the enemy away. The first of these is Aura of Dismay. The second is Immobilize. A third is Panic Steed.

350 Point Ally Army List

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